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Return Policy
If your product is in its original packaging, and was purchased within 30 days from the date of order, you can return such a product for a complete and full refund of the purchase price paid.
 We do not refund shipping costs.
         We do not exchange for credit. We refund only the original price paid of the product only.
         Where possible, we refund back using the original payment method (Credit Card, PayPal, Google Checkout, and by Check if original paid by Money Order).
        ♦ We will not provide a return shipping label.
        If your order has a discount applied, this discount will be subtracted from the refund price.
        ♦ All TV Mounts, regardless of whether they are opened or not will ALWAYS be subject to a 10% restocking fee. We charge this re-stocking fee (fully disclosed at the time of purchase)because most TV mounts packages must be replaced due to wear and tear of shipping and re-shipping. We must also completely re-verify all parts (all the nuts, bolts, spaces, washers, etc) are still in the box. If your TV mount is MISSING parts when returned, an additional fee will be applied to recover the costs of such parts. Do NOT write on either the outer (brown) or retail mount box with RMA numbers or return addresses. Instead use a label or envelope.

        ♦ Any products that have been REMOVED from their original packaging in such a manner that the packaging must now be replaced or repaired will be assessed a 10% restocking fee. This fee is use to recover the costs of re-packaging certain cables with new poly-bag, and re-spooling certain longer length cables. We must also test any opened products to ensure they are in 100% working order before returning them to stock.
We will NOT accept, under any condition, cables or accessories which have been used, or show signs of use. This includes - but is not limited to "scuff marks" on cables that have been "run through walls" or TV mounts that have been used to mount a TV that show visible signs of use.
Do NOT use tape or other adhesive materials when re-coiling cables for return. An additional restocking fee will be assessed if we need to remove adhesive residue for products returns in such manner.
We do not accept products back for refund beyond the 30 day return period.