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These wall plates are ideal for custom home installations. Each wall plate is specially designed to fit a standard single-gang outlet box in commercial & residential settings. Rounded edges help prevent injury or wall damage, & smooth surfaces make for ea
Here it is all in one compact wall plate; 15 Amp Power Outlet and 1 Port Shielded Cat5e Ethernet Decora Type Wall Plate.
Here it is all in one compact wall plate; 15 Amp Power Outlet 1 Port Coax 1 Port Shielded Cat5e Ethernet Decora Wall Plate
Here it is all in one compact wall plate;2 port HDMI and 2 port CAT5e and 1 port USB and 1 port 3.5MM wall plates
It's used to build a clean bridge between in-wall cable runs and their origin and destinations
This particular insert converts in-wall cabling to devices in the following situations
Conversion from in-wall VGA+3 5mm and 3RCA lines to a computer/laptop o
This convenient plate gives you the most popular connection types and lets you hide the cables behind the wall to keep your floor clean and clutter free.
ABS Single-Gang Wall Plate with a standard size 1 Port USB Jack insert
Set up in-wall VGA cabling and save time for installations
Screw-in port design ensures snug, secure VGA connections
Designed to allow any standard VGA cable to be securely screwed in
Single Gang Box with included wall plate
HDMI one Jack Wall Plate - Delivers High-Bandwidth, Uncompressed Video And Multi-Channel Digital Audio Between HDMI Compliant Devices Including DVD Player / Recorders, Set-Top Boxes And Digital TVs Feed-Thru HDMI Wall Plate - Supports High Resolution Disp
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